Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Multi-Channel Benefits

There are a huge number of both organizational and customer related benefits to be gained from implementing a multi-channel strategy. Here’s a few:

Organisational Benefits

  • Increased revenue and growth opportunities – more touch-points into target market.
  • Better responsiveness and sensitivity to changing environments.
  • Competitive advantage over pure-plays particularly around immediacy, education opportunities for complex products and easy e-merchandise returns.
  • Organisational efficiency and effectiveness opportunities through sharing of processes, technology and information.

Customer Related Benefits

  • Better and wider customer interaction with a greater variety of information available for improved understanding of customers and identification of opportunities for increasing value per customer (business intelligence).
  • Increased customer loyalty through better understanding of their behaviour.
  • Better customer experience reducing churn and increasing loyalty.
  • Significant opportunity to leverage and improve brand impact and perception.

Customers themselves also benefit from increased choice in interaction opportunities and the ability to switch channels as convenient.

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