Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Flint and Spieler’s 4 stage Multi-Channel process

A good place to start on your multi-channel journey is by considering Flint and Spieler’s 4 stage process (Source - IBM white paper on Multi-Channel Customer Management: The Benefits and Challenges)

  • Create a multichannel strategy.
  • Determine the relative priority for the channels.
  • Reorganise for multichannel operation by reconciling central brand, experience and service standards control with the need for local autonomy in managing individual channels.
  • Adopt and implement best practices for integrating new with old technology.

Finally, here's a reiteration of the old adage: Particularly when making early stage investment and ROI decisions, aim to focus on long-term value and competitive advantage rather than short-term profit. Embedding real multi-channel practices will take time as it involves both a cultural and technological shift for any organisation.

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