Friday, 30 May 2008

10 Mobile Trends for 2008

  1. Mobile expansion – Yes, it's stating the obvious!
  2. Open source platforms and applications - Google Android
  3. WiMax, Wifi services inflight (broadband inflight, on trains etc)
  4. Mcdonalds recent provision of free wireless could start a high street trend. Once mobile internet becomes fast and free, the mobile as a browsing and commerce medium is seriously going to kick off and Touch Screen phones will become ubiquitous
  5. Continued uptake of smart phones particularly in offices
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Mobile Payments - This gap is itching to be filled with a secure cost-effective payments provider. This is happening already with companies like LUUP and mCommerce will become a more serious prospect. Other more direct options like Obopay are also becoming available.
  8. (Live) videocasting from mobiles to the web
  9. Mobile social networking - Mobiluck, Migg33, Meetmoi, Loopt, SoonR, Aki-Aki are already some examples, with the standard twitter, tumblr, facebook status updaters already tapping into mobile mania
  10. Mobile Spam - Surprised it hasn't happened yet! Major security implications.

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