Monday, 12 May 2008

Intro and Bio

I've been blogging professionally for the past couple of years on company blogs, so I thought it's about time I started one of my own!

I am currently a Senior Consultant at a management consultancy called Charteris with experience in developing and implementing strategy around multi-channel retail and customer experience. Right now I'm looking at customer-centricity and innovation for the retail and public sectors. My primary areas of interest are practical vision and strategy, brand, service differentiation, e-commerce, web 2.0, social networking and organisational change. Over the past few years I've worked primarily with the UK's Top 100 Retailers, a couple of Investment Banks while working as a business consultant for Conchango (now bought over by EMC).

I've previously worked worked in various Public Sector analyst and consulting roles, most recently as a Business Consultant for LogicaCMG’s (now Logica) Public Sector Consulting division, delivering large scale business transformation projects, including systems thinking, business cases, Business Process Re-engineering, benefits realisation, change management and performance improvement.

I'm also a qualified Agile 'Scrum Master' and have successfully set up and managed a number of technology projects with cross-functional teams including third-party and offshore developers. I like Agile because it's so practical due to it's fluid project management approach that's quite opposite to the traditional straight line, document and process heavy ways of working that most other methodologies employ. There is a lot of scope to use Agile in non-development situations and it's therefore an area worth exploring.

In my spare time I've been involved with a range of non-profit initiatives over the past 10 years and I've recently started getting heavily involved in social enterprise and disruptive innovation. You can find out more about this on my personal blog at

If you have any questions about anything on here, feel free to drop me a note and I'll get back to you with more info.

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