Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Social Gaming - 20 Social Networks and Online Communities for Gamers

I recently had a conversation around developing next generation interaction for leisure industry clients, and the discussion turned to the development of social networks around media and gaming in particular. I did a bit of research to see what's out there and here's a summary of what's hot in the world of social interaction around online and offline gaming.

  1. Boonty - Social Casual Gaming. Creators of
  2. Conduit Labs - Social networking through gaming
  3. - Integrating casual gaming with social networks
  4. Eurogamer - Largest independent gaming website and forum in Europe
  5. - Casual gaming site with enhanced social networking capabilities
  6. Gamervision - Gamer Community By Gamers, For Gamers
  7. GAX - The Gamers Social Network
  8. GuildCafe - Network for online gamers
  9. Koinup - Join up your lives in different virtual worlds
  10. Mytopia - First online social gaming community
  11. Wiitube - Nintendo Wii community with videos and news
  12. - Multi-player online games forum
  13. PlayerHousing - Show off your virtual self and meet others who share your interests in games and virtual worlds
  14. Rupture - Connecting gamers around the world
  15. SGN (Social Gaming Network) - Games and a social gaming platform that leverages people’s social connections
  16. Sparter - Gamer to Gamer Marketplace
  17. UGAME - Social Network for Gamers (still in closed Beta)
  18. - Social network for Warcraft players
  19. Steam - PC Gaming Community
  20. Zynga - Network of gaming applications built off of classic games like Poker, Battleship, and Attack! that live on social networks like Facebook and Bebo

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