Tuesday, 3 June 2008

10 Behavioural Trends that will affect Business in 2008

  1. Customer centricity will drive business transformation
  2. Business innovation will become more based on creativity and design - Design Thinking
  3. Disruptive innovation from other industries will continue to emerge as new competition - unexpected entrants like the iPhone and Google adsense
  4. "Peer-to-peer lending" - Facilitation of loans between complete strangers will impact banking
  5. Buyer niches – Gender, age, Generations 'Y' and ‘Z’
  6. "Premiumisation" – Particularly air travel premium and business classes
  7. "See hear buy" – eg. Music on websites, Books on kindle, Midomi (sound recognition search engine)
  8. Crowdsourcing will become normal in both decision making and purchasing behaviour
  9. Social Entrepreneurship will redefine the third sector
  10. Personal Social Responsibility will begin to supplement Corporate Social Responsibility

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