Saturday, 4 October 2008

Your Essential Guide To Social Media

As a business you still probably don't care about Social Media. Your marketing department is still churning out brochures and adverts and telling you that this is all far future stuff. Only kids mess around with the internet. If so, they're killing your business. The UK alone has 17.1 million active internet users in the 16-54 age bracket - that's your primary consumer base. Worse still, Universal McCann research shows that 1 million of them have shared an opinion about a brand or product within their social networks. Trusted opinions are the number 1 factor in the purchasing decision-making process. Do you have any idea what they're saying about you, let alone any clue about how to manage that conversation?

Well for starters, you really need some idea about what Social Media is, and while I put together something simple that's specific to businesses, here's a decent guide.