Thursday, 11 December 2008

5 Tools To Track Social Conversations

As more and more business begin to appreciate the value of managing and monitoring social conversations to build their brand and reputation, marketers are beginning to move away from focusing manual search, monitoring, trafficking, and tracking. Instead, many aggregation and tracking tools, in addition to stealth services not yet launched, are not only helping track keywords, but also monitor conversations across the networks and communities that you know and don't know. They effectively map, engage, and manage participation efforts allowing businesses to start to implement and benefit from CRM-style (customer relationship management) dashboards and hubs to streamline internal and outbound communications.

Here's 5 tools you should be looking at as you develop your own social marketing strategies

  1. BuzzLogic
  2. Radian6
  3. BuzzGain
  4. BrandsEye
  5. Brandwatch

(Taken from Brian Solis' post on the state of social media -